My commitment

My Commitment

I am committed to pursue the cases of 1984 Sikh Genocide and pledge to take them to their logical end. I will not give up, whatever may come my way.

I will make all endeavors to ensure that the guilty of this crime against humanity are duly punished.

Harvinder Singh Phoolka

Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

4 thoughts on “My commitment

  1. Phoolka Sahib you have dedicated the best part of your life to these cases. You are not fighting with persons like Sajjan Kumar, you are fighting with whole system and corrupt State machinery.Your sincere efforts may not be rewarded here but the Almighty, who is the Supreme Judge will surely reward you.

  2. Please keep up the good work ignoring the nonsense of politicians, who can play any kind of games to achieve their vested interests. May Aklapurakh bless you with Chardi Kala always!

  3. Dear Mr Phoolka,

    Can a case not be made against our judges for not taking a suo-motto initiative all these years, against government agencies for their failure to prosecute the culprits of 1984 riots.

    Judges have been drawing their salaries for the last 26 years paid unto them from the tax payers money which includes tax contribution of people like you and me. Where it was their duty to ensure that Justice is delivered to the victims of 1984 riots our Judges can be clearly seen avoiding deliverance of tangible/proportionate justice in matters related to 1984 riots, on petty technical pretexts. Why can’t our Judges be accused of dereliction of duty ?

    Sir, Everyone born in Indian (including you and me) is willingly or unwillingly gifted with an ingrained communal prejudice depending on the religion professed by the family where he or she was born.

    26 years of Time and the Number of convictions in 1984 riots stand evidence to the fact that our communally prejudiced judges have been a participant of equals in the majority community’s wishful endeavour at justifying the riots and undermining Justice for 1984 riots victims.

    Kulmohan Singh

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