Sajjan Kumar Case update

Among the cases of 1984 Sikh Genocide, the case against Sajjan Kumar, Ex-MP is presently on trial.

Sajjan Kumar is being tried for the murder of FIVE Sikhs on 1st November 1984. The evidence of complainant JAGDISH KAUR started on 1st July 2010 and is likely to conclude on 12th August 2010. Thursday would be the 16th hearing of the cross-examination of Jagdish Kaur.

Jagdish Kaur who lives in Amritsar, pleaded before the Court on the last date of hearing on 10th August 2010, that she has been away from her home and in Delhi since the last one and a half months and the trial has been extremely exhausting. She has been facing immense trauma and exertion which has been taking a toll on her health, especially in view of the fact that she is 69 years old.

Hearing her plea, the court directed the counsels to conclude the cross examination of Jagdish Kaur by 12th August 2010.

On an earlier occasion also the Court had directed the lawyer of the accused to conclude the cross examination, despite which her cross examination has been dragged on for the last 15-16 hearings.

After the completion of the evidence of the Jagdish Kaur, the evidence of the next witness is likely to begin on 12th August 2010. We are not disclosing the name of the witness for security reasons. The witnesses are under threat to life and therefore security has been provided for by Punjab Police Commandos.

Jagdish Kaur lost five members of her family including her husband and son during the 1984 Genocide. She deposed before the court that Sajjan Kumar addressed a meeting on the fateful day of 2nd November 2010, when he had stated as follows:

“Sala koi sikh bachna nahi chahiye. Jo hindu inko panah dete hai, unke ghar bhi jalaa do” (No Sikh should be left alive and the hindus who give shelter to them, burn their houses as well.)

Jagdish Kaur has undergone rigorous cross examination by the lawyers of Sajjan Kumar and the other accused. She became so tense while remembering and repeating the ghastly incidents that her blood pressure shot up. She was admitted to the hospital twice during her evidence. We are hoping that her evidence would be over on the 11th August.

Our main concern is the security of witnesses as they are receiving constant threats and being intimidated. All kinds of tactics are being deployed to dissuade the witnesses from tendering evidence. The other witness Nirpreet Kaur had also received similar threats.

In this case, there are three eye witnesses who have given statements against Sajjan Kumar. Apart from Jagdish Kaur, the other two are Jamsher Singh and Nirpreet Kaur. Jamsher Singh lost three brothers and Nirpreet Kaur lost her father during the Genocide.

Along with Sajjan Kumar, the other co-accused are Mohinder Yadav, Ex-MLA and Balwan Khokar, Local Congress leader.

Will give updates after the hearing.

Kumar Saurabh/ Ramneek Singh


Mr. Phoolka’s Chamber

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