Note On Sajjan Kumar’s Trial

1. Prosecution evidence in the murder case against Sajjan Kumar has
been concluded on 9th June 2011. The case is now listed after
vacations on 6.07.2011 for the statement of accused Sajjan Kumar and
others under Section 313 of CrPC.

2. A total of 16 witneses were produced on behalf of the prosecution,
CBI. Out of these, three witnesses were direct eye witnesses against
Sajjan Kumar. Mr Phoolka informed that all these three, Nirpreet Kaur,
Jagdish Kaur and Jagsher Singh had identified Sajjan Kumar in court
and withstood strenous cross-examination. Three other victims appeared
as witnesses, namely Balvinder Singh, Joginder Singh and Jasbir Kaur.
These three are the witnesses against the other accused.

3. This case was registered in 2005 on the reccomendation of Nanavati
Commission of Inquiry. This case pertains to the killing of five
persons in Raj Nagar area of Delhi Cantt. Police Station. The
allegations against Sajjan Kumar are that on 1st November night he
visited the area and instructed his followers to kill Sikhs. Then on
2nd November morning, he adressed a meeting while standing on a police
jeep and instigated people to kill Sikhs. He stated at this meeting,
“Ek bhi Sikh bachna nahe chahiye. Jo Hindu sikhon ko panah dete hai,
unke bhi ghar jalaa do!” (Don’t spare any Sikh. Any Hindu who provides
shelter to Sikhs, burn their house also!) On hearing this, the mob
started searching the homes of Hindus also.

4. Two officers of CBI who were the investigating officers, DSP
Pangarkar and Inspector Anil Yadav deposed before court, alleging that
Delhi Police intentionally conducted perfunctory investigations to
shield Sajjan Kumar and other leaders.

5. After the statement of the accused,defence evidence would be led and thereafter the final arguments.
The case is likely to be concluded within the next 3 months.

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