Press Note – Complete

Harvinder Singh Phoolka made appeal to all the religious Sikhs and Sikh bodies that it is your duty towards Guru to ensure proper management of Gurudwaras.  If any Sikh shirks in his responsibility for the proper management of Gurdwaras, then he would be failing in his duty towards the Guru. He further appealed that for the next 40 days every Sikh should spend 3 to 4 hours a day to ensure proper and smooth elections in accordance with Sikh tenants.


With a specific emphasis to prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs, he appealed to the candidates that neither any candidate should distribute these intoxicants, nor should any of his active workers partake alcohol or drugs in next 40 days of the campaign. When there exists a prohibition on voters to partake alcohol, then how can a worker or campaigner of the candidates be allowed to consume alcohol. He informed that a network is being established in all the constituencies and if any candidate is found distributing liquor or drugs, or his campaigner is found consuming the same during campaign period, then that candidate would be blacklisted and a call would be given to boycott him. Further, steps would be taken to declare him disqualified for the elections.


If any complaint is received regarding distribution of intoxicants, the higher police authorities and the Gurdwara election Commission will be approached. If need be, petitions would b filed in the High Court. A team of lawyers of High Court is being constituted under the charge of Navkiran Singh, Advocate. Any organization or individuals who wants to be a part of this movement, can send an SMS typing the words SGPC at 9230002323 and he would be registered as a volunteer with us. We will communicate with him regularly. The advocates working in District Courts or Tehsil Courts who would like to volunteer their legal services may SMS SGPC-advocate to the number 9230002323.


An attempt is being made to enrol at least 50 volunteers in each constituency. All social and religious Sikh bodies have been contacted and they are forming a joint committee for this purpose.


Kirtan Jathas and kathavachiks are requested to volunteer their services for this movement.


‘Nasha mukt Punjab’ campaign started by Sukrit Trust and Kirat Leher would continue with this movement even after the elections to achieve the objective of a drug-free Punjab.

H.S. Phoolka



Note : [ not part of press release] due to an error on my part, the previous post did not contain the complete press note. Please ignore the last post. – Kumar Saurabh

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