From 1984 to 2011 – A NOTE FROM REEMA ANAND

It has been a long journey from 1984 to 2011. After the genocide inflicted on the Sikh community, catharsis of the agony undergone, judicial relief and mental relief should have been the relevant milestones for the Sikh community in subsequent decades….. The relief has come but not in its entirety.


The outcome of any catastrophe is suffered not just by the immediate generation. The aftershocks peter down to many generations for many years.


In the above stated unfortunate history of Sikh community, the focus has been on the actual victims for years.


Today the limelight should shift totally from the factual victims to the virtual victims, that is the third generation.


The families of the riot-victims today are not just localized in Tilak Vihar area. They have spread due to economic reasons to areas like Mongolpuri, Shahpure, Nangloi, Trilokpuri.


As a result a concise rehabilitation program was neither conceptualized by the Government of India nor implemented.


The third generation roughly aged between 8yrs and 18yrs (according to my statistics) is bearing the brunt of a non-existent education and employment plan.


Lack of these two essential tools for decent living has reduced a community which has been historically progressive to presently non-progressive.


Judicial justice shall happen in its due course. But the call of the day is to devise a total rehabilitation plan with thrust on education and employment. Unfortunately , the affluent members of Sikh community should have taken the lead 27 years back and pushed the government to create a macro-plan for the Sikh community where they themselves should have become the facilitators and the victims should have become the stakeholders.


The community is too busy with personal agendas and changing political equations at the onset of each election to see the writing on the wall. We are factually doomed as a progressive community. But all is not lost if we sit back, introspect and take the bull by the horns.


Note from Blog Administrator : The Above is a Post by Reema Anand, uploaded on the blog with Mr. Phoolka’s Approval.

Court Proceedings – 18th July, Sajjan Kumar’s Trial

Sajjan Kumar’s statement was recorded today in the court of Ms. Sunita Gupta, DHJS, Additional Sessions Judge, Delhi. The Judge asked him 169 questions based on the evidence on Jagdish Kaur, Jagsher Singh and Nirpreet Kaur regarding the allegation of murder of five sikhs in november 1984.

His Statement would continue tomorrow – 19th July